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Karastan Carpets

Karastan Carpets


Your search for the best and most beautiful carpets, rugs, and runners begins with Karastan at Dulmes Decor-Carpet One. Come visit our showroom to see the largest selection of Karastan products in Sheboygan County. From broadloom carpet to area rugs, Dulmes Decor has got you covered!



 Dulmes Decor Karastan Dulmes Decor Karastan Dulmes Decor Karastan Dulmes Decor Karastan



Only Karastan combines the best manufacturing techniques with the purest New Zealand wool to bring you exceptional carpets and rugs.

It's no wonder Karastan wools offer numerous advantages for you and your family:

Easy to Clean. Natural resilience to dirt and soiling make Karastan wools exceptionally easy to maintain. 

Non-Allergenic. Karastan wools are safe for your family. Wool is a non-allergenic fiber; it does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, or give off harmful emissions. 

Strong and Durable. Patented woven technology ensures Karastan wools are incredibly durable and strong, creating products that last. 

Crush Resistant. Natural crimp gives Karastan wools built-in resilience to crushing. Furniture marks disappear when the fiber is gently moistened and allowed to recover naturally. 

Inherently Fire Safe. Naturally flame retardant, Karastan wools are difficult to ignite, do not melt, and are self-extinguishable. 


Resistant to Static. Karastan wools do not suffer from static electricity build-up. 


Comfortable. Inherent bulk and resilience gives Karastan wools superior sound and heat insulating properties. 


Environmentally Friendly. Karastan practices environmentally responsible, energy efficient, and safe manufacturing procedures that pair well with the natural beauty and sustainability of New Zealand wool.


Making a commitment to environmentalism means more than recycling; it means taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a product - from cradle to cradle. 

As a leader in the carpet and rug industry, Karastan holds a position of environmental responsibility that it takes seriously. Our efforts to use sustainable ingredients, preserve natural resources, and repurpose excess are continual. We strive to develop responsible solutions and willingly plan ahead to optimize improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship. In keeping with these principles, we aggressively research, develop, and employ new ways of preserving our planet and of producing products that improve the health and comfort of your home. 




The amazing innovation of SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® renewable sourced polymer allows Karastan to style for today while saving for tomorrow.  Carpets made with SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® help conserve and protect the earth’s limited natural resources – another reason to celebrate.

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